Aveiro and Coimbra beauty and history

Venice in Portugal, is it possible?! You will surely be surprised by what you will discover.
Visit to Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice and to Coimbra the city of students.

A little trip that will take us to charming cities known for their history and unique beauty. We will visit one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, Aveiro, considered the Portuguese Venice because of its many canals, bridges and small typical boats that circulate them, the Moliceiros.

By taking a trip on a Moliceiro you can enjoy the beauty of this city, a place of Art Nouveau buildings and romantic bridges. By strolling through its historic centre you can feel its traditional atmosphere. We will visit the Convent of Santa Joana, Aveiro Cathedral, Chapel of St. Gonçalinho, Misericordia Church. And of course try the famous Ovos moles (soft eggs), a sweet typical of Aveiro. Further out of the city centre there is a must see attraction: the Costa Nova Beach. It is the place of the famous striped and colourful houses.We resume our trip and continue towards Coimbra, a city full of history and tradition, bathed by the Mondego River and a place that was once the capital. Known as the city of the students, through narrow and steep streets we visit the University of Coimbra (the oldest in Portugal), the Sé Velha (Old Cathedral), the Riverside Area and of course the Convent of Santa Clara.

Our guide will accompany you along the way, sharing stories and curiosities about the places visited.

We do the best tours because we do it with passion!

(*)Lunch and monument entrance fee (optional), not included in the cost of the Tour.


  • Itinerary: Aveiro, Moliceiro ride, historical center, Convento de Santa Joana, Aveiro Cathedral, Chapel of St. Gonçalinho, Misericordia Church, Praia da Costa Nova, Coimbra, Coimbra University, Old Cathedral, Riverside Area, Santa Clara Convent.
  • Full day: 8:30 – 18:00 approx.
  • Pick-up / drop-off at the hotel (Cascais Region)
  • Pick-up / drop-off in 3 different meeting points (Lisbon)
  • Minimum 3 pax – max 8 Pax
  • For larger groups please contact us.
  • Price per person: 125€
  • Special discount for groups + 5 people


  • Drive to Moliceiro
  • Personal Accident Insurance, according to the current law
  • Liability Insurance, according to the current law
  • And a friendly guide!



Convento de Santa Joana

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Capela de São Gonçalinho

Igreja da Misericórdia

Praia da Costa Nova


Universidade de Coimbra

Sé Velha

Zona Ribeirinha

Convento de Santa Clara




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