Urban Art Lisbon

Come and discover with us the largest Urban Art gallery in Portugal!
We will take you in places you would never be able to find on your own.

Born from the underground movement these visual interventions, a form of expression of feelings, ideas, emotions and somehow the transmission of ethical, moral and cultural thoughts over time has taken shape and has been structured with rich artwork in detail, ranging from Graffiti to Stencils, through stickers and poster-bombs.

Lisbon’s avenues, streets, murals, buildings, bridges and other unusual areas has become the canvas for artists like Vhils (known for his “Faces” carved into walls), Pixel Pancho (robotic figures), osgemeos (graphite with folklore and popular stories in large urban interventions), Derlon (mix of street art, Brazilian popular culture, wood work (xylography) and pop art).

We will combine this art tour with a visit to some scenic places in Lisbon. So between C215 (stencil) and Nomen (graffiti pioneer) you can absorb the colours of Lisbon and its hills in many viewpoints we have in this city. With an obligatory stop at some suburban areas where whole neighbourhoods become open-air art galleries, where artists like Odeith (sombre 3D), Smile (graffiti), or Bordallo II (artist working with trash found on the street that is turned into original and irreverent artwork through spray paint and creativity) and many more present us with their art. Our guide will accompany you along the way, sharing stories and curiosities about the places visited.

We do the best tours because we do it with passion!

(*) Lunch not included in the cost of the Tour.


  • Itinerary: Lisbon and suburbs. Within a radius of 50 km
  • Full day: 10:30 – 17:00 aprox.
  • Pick-up / drop-off at the hotel (Cascais Region)
  • Pick-up / drop-off in 3 different meeting points (Lisbon)
  • Minimum 2 pax – max 8 Pax
  • For larger groups please contact us.
  • Price per person: 55€


  • Personal Accident Insurance, according to the current law
  • Liability Insurance, according to the current law
  • And a friendly guide!


Travessa cruz do torrel

Rua das Murtas

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Quinta do Mocho

Mirradouro nossa senhora do Monte


Av Infante Dom Henquique


CCB de Lisboa

Lx Factory


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